What is SEO and how can it help my website?

  • SEO is the process of increasing your websites value. When the value of your website is greater than your competition, your site will rank higher Googles results page. This leads to more leads/conversions/revenue.

What are some common SEO myths?

  • Adjusting my websites meta tags is SEO. This is not true, just using a plugin or making edits on your website will not work alone. Off site backlinking is a valuable part of SEO.
  • SEO costs less than $200. If you are paying less than this, it is not valuable SEO.

How can I improve my website’s SEO?

  • Adding backlinks high quality backlinks that offer valuable information to your viewers.
  • Adding content that will be valuable to your customers. This can be a blog or more pages on your website.

What are some common SEO mistakes?

  • Focusing on all the same keywords as everyone else. It is very difficult to rank above a large organization that has a highly trafficked website.

Can I do SEO myself or do I need to hire someone?

  • Yes, you can do SEO yourself. However, proper SEO takes hours of dedicated work and monitoring. Most small businesses do not have this kinds of spare time. It is easier to hire a company like me.

How often should I be updating my website’s SEO?

  • SEO is an on going process that should be done monthly and monitored closely.

What are some advanced SEO techniques?

  • Long tailed keywords. These are keywords that are very specific to your audience. They are the answer to gaining more business online.